Grace Properties & Development, LLC.

119, 123, 125, 129 Raleigh Dr., Elizabethtown, KY

$675 monthly rent, $500 deposit

This 1300 square foot townhome is located near Ring Road and features great amenities. Townhome is near to I-65 exit, gym, grocery and eateries

Each townhome features a fenced patio, two parking spots, and paid garbage pickup
Another view from the front of the townhomes
Kitchen area with electric ceramic top range, refrigerator with built in icemaker, microwave and dishwasher. Some units may have different appliance models.
Another view of the kitchen from the dining area
Some living rooms feature carpet and crown molding
Another view of the living room area

Upstairs there are two bedrooms. This is a picture of the rear bedroom with double door closets.

This is a view of the front bedroom that has an adjoining walk-in closet.
A view of the full bathroom which is located upstairs between the two bedrooms.
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